Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Garlic Penne noodles

I just threw this one together after seeing this as a menu suggestion in my Parents magazine. I don't know the exact amounts sorry.

minced garlic (I did two cloves of garlic)
butter (I did 1/2 cube because I did a lot of noodles)
1 package Penne noodles (this was a lot of fun because my family usually just eats macaroni so it was different)
parsley seasoning

I put the minced garlic in the pan with the butter and sauted it. In another pan, I cooked up the penne noodles. After they were cooked, I added the noodles to the garlic and butter and coated them really well. Then I added the parsley seasoning to that. You could probably add what seasonings you like. This turned out pretty tasty. Even my daughter that doesn't really like noodles ate this. Sorry I don't have a picture. I'll try next time to add a picture.